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Source: Photo by Raffy Lerma
Protestor standing next to a transmission tower

Report | May 2023

New Report: Disrupting the Security Playbook in Post-Duterte Philippines

Source: Shutterstock, Climate Protestors in Sweden
A group of climate protestors in Stockholm, Sweden.

Analysis | February 2023

What funders need to know about civic space in 2023

Source: Shutterstock, UN General Assembly

News | June 2022

Counter-terrorism policies cutting off civil society’s access to resources

Source: Shutterstock, Biometrics, Fingerprint scanning

Report | May 2022

Proliferation of agencies influencing counter-terrorism

Source: Action Group on Free Civic Space, Nigeria; Report cover page

Analysis | February 2022

Nigeria’s repressive security playbook, explained

Source: istockphoto, United Nations, Geneva

News | October 2021

Foreign policy & civic space

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