Countering the Security Playbook

Around the world, our ability to speak out, organise and gather is being increasingly limited in the name of ‘national security’. Civic Futures is building an ecosystem of funders and civil society to push back.

Source: Justin Jin/Panos Pictures. Protests in Hong Kong.


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The expansion and abuse of security powers is set to be the dominant driver of authoritarianism and civic space restrictions this decade.

Civic Futures is a growing community of philanthropic funders seeking to counter this trend.

We’re building a more ‘civic’ future – one in which civil society has the safety, space and resources they need to influence our social, political and economic lives.

Member of Extinction Rebellion protest in front of heavily armed troops. A sign reads: 'Whose Future?' Crispin Hughes/Panos Pictures.

Source: Crispin Hughes/Panos Pictures. Member of Extinction Rebellion protest in front of armed troops.

We know that the change we seek requires a paradigm-shift in our thinking about safety and security. We know that this change will be measured in decades, not years.

We aim to create spaces for alternative visions for how we organise our social and political lives, in a way that achieves deeper safety, based on community and connection as opposed to separation and surveillance.

Source: FGHR, Kenya 2019


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We are building a global, cross-sectoral response to disrupt and reform security powers to prevent abuse, and ultimately transform our global approach to security.

If this work resonates with you, we invite you to read the analyses on our website and get in touch to exchange and explore collaboration.



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Women release a lit lantern into the night air as large crowds of protestors gather in Gezi Park and Taksim Square.

Source: Ivor Prickett/Panos Pictures.

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