Countering the Security Overreach

Governments are using national security to curtail rights and freedoms. Civic Futures equips civil society to push back and transform the future.

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Civic Futures is a growing alliance of funders and others supporting civil society to push back against the huge overreach of national security and counter-terrorism powers.

This overreach has made protest, protecting rights and holding governments to account difficult and dangerous.

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Counter-terrorism policies cutting off civil society’s access to resources

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Proliferation of agencies influencing counter-terrorism

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Nigeria’s repressive security playbook, explained

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What impact did 9/11 have on activism?

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Increasing restrictions on activism in Kenya

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We are building a global, cross-sectoral response to disrupt and transform the harms of counter-terrorism.

We are actively seeking new partners across philanthropy and civil society, in every part of the world.

Come and collaborate with us to keep civic space open: read our analysis, join our convenings, contribute to our strategy.


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